2015 RATES:
Electro Acuscope and Myoscope treatments

Initial start up package - includes start up sessions 5 treatments to address
concerns and get the horse reading in the healthy range.  Both the Electro
Acuscope and Myoscope are used during this process.  This is about one to two
weeks worth of treatments and it is preferred that the horse be boarded at the
facility I'm working at.  There will be mileage charged beyond 25 miles if boarding
isn't an option. $375 plus any board or mileage.

Maintenance program - this is to follow the initial start up package and will be
done every 4 weeks minimum.  The length of time will be determined on how well
the horse reads after the first session maintenance is completed.  $75 per
session plus applicable mileage.

Show sessions - Spinal opening to help improve your horses performance $75

Rehabilitation - Any prescribed treatment from a veterinarian on a month to month
basis.  Therapy will include any type of light exercise, Electro Acuscope /
Myoscope treatments and Game Ready treatments  $40/day on treatments plus
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Game Ready Equine Treatments:

$75 per treatment
Synergy Compete

1 month $72.00
plus shipping $11.00

4 month $286.00
plus shipping $14.00

8 month $566.00
plus shipping $21.00

10 month $696.00
plus shipping $24.00
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1 Month Package
4 Month Package
8 Month Package
10 Month Package